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5 coffee houses in Almaty for business meetings 

From Big Apple coffee shop's archive

Almaty, according to many minds, is a city for entertainment, but not for work. We agree that people in Almaty do not wear strict office clothes and do not live on schedule from 9:00 to 18:00, as residents of Nur-Sultan. However, they are also hardworking. In Almaty it is common to meet for working issues in cozy coffee shops in the city center not far from business centers. What criteria are important for business people? Quiet atmosphere, clear and tasty menu, as well as fast and kind service. Open Asia Online chose 5 coffee houses which ideally meet these purposes. 

Big Apple 

Abylay khan, 145

The name of the coffee shop associated with two cities: Almaty and New York. Big Apple is a local brand and compete with many world known franchises. The main emphasis here is made on quality coffee. In addition to the classic coffee types, the Big Apple offers a wide range of alternative types of black coffee brewing: purover, Kemex, American press, siphon, air press, oriental coffee and Australian lungo. The kitchen is focused on breakfasts. There are about 30 of them. It is  convenient to call partners who are on diet, as the menu has smoothie bowl with avocado, spinach, granola and coconut chips, coconut cheese with avocado cream and cherry, gluten-free tartin with amaranth, guacamole and scrambled coconut milk. 


Honest Coffeehouse 

Bogenbai batyr 94/29

The Honest coffee shop cannot be missed at the end of Bogenbay Batyr Street. The owners of the place are always scrupulous about the exterior decoration. Inside it is also very cozy and quiet. You can feel the atmosphere of home comfort, there are breakfasts and brunches, also both European dishes, and Asian positions. 


Coffee room 

Satpayev st. 3

Despite the fact that the main square on Satpayev street is almost an alley of restaurants, Coffee Room is always full. Life in the coffee shop is extremely active at any time. But in the daytime it is especially quiet and convenient for business meetings. It is worth noting the convenient location and paid city parking. You can order your partner special dessert, sweets here will not disappoint. 


Traveler's coffee

Furmanov st. 244a

Probably the most democratic place on the list. The brand has chain of coffeshops in Almaty, but we prefer a point on Furmanov Street. The coffee shop is divided to a smoking and a non-smoking zones. Except for all kinds of coffee, there is a very decent menu with main dishes. 



Al-Farabi 77/8

If your business partner is tired of lunches and snacks on the run, invite them to the French bakery Paul. A great place for leisurely tea with delicious baked goods. The Sweet page impresses with its choice of seasonal tarts, pies and other gourmet desserts.

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